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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The 100 Simple Secrets Of Happy People - David Niven

100 Simple Secrets Of Happy People, , Self Improvement, Secrets Of Life, Personality Development, Motivational Ebook, How To Get Everything From Life, David Niven
This book contains 100 secrets that will definitely help everyone to achieve success and become a better personality. Each of these 100 secrets introduced here is founded on the research decisions of scientists analyzing happiness and life satisfaction. Each secret holds a key research discovery, balanced by advice and an example that adopt from the discovery. The research decisions presented in each entry are grounded on a meta-analysis of research on happiness, which thinks of that every decision is derived from the influence of multiple researchers analyzing the same subject. To enable the reader to determine further information on every topic, a reference to a backing study is included in each topic, and a listing of recent work on happiness has also been supplied.
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The 100 Simple Secrets Of Happy People Ebook Download

Game Programming Gems 8 - Adam Lake Ebook Download

Game Programming, Programming, Game Programming Gems Series Ebooks
In this edition of the  Game Programming Gems series, we explore a wide range of important real-time graphics topics, from lynchpin systems such as font rendering to cutting-edge hardware architectures, such as Larrabee, PlayStation 3, and the DirectX 11 compute shader. Developers in the trenches at top industry studios such as Blizzard, id, Bizarre Creations, Nexon, and Intel’s Advanced Visual Computing group share their insights on optimally exploiting graphics hardware to create high-quality visuals for games. To kick off this section, Aurelio Reis of id Software compares several methods for accelerating font rendering by exploiting GPU instancing, settling on a constant-buffer-based method that achieves the best performance.

We then move on to two chapters discussing the popular image-space techniques of Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) and deferred shading. Dominic Filion of Blizzard Entertainment discusses the SSAO algorithms used in StarCraft II, including novel controls that allowed Blizzard’s artists to tune the look of the effect to suit their vision. Hyunwoo Ki of Nexon then describes a multi-resolution acceleration method for deferred shading that computes low-frequency lighting information at a lower spatial frequency and uses a novel method for handling high-frequency edge cases. For the remainder of the section, we concentrate on techniques that take advan-tage of the very latest graphics hardware, from  DirectX 11’s tessellator and compute shader to Larrabee and the PlayStation 3.

Rahul Sathe of Intel presents a method for culling of Bezier patches in the context of the new DirectX 11 pipeline. Jason Zink then describes the new DirectX 11 compute shader architecture, using Screen Space Ambient Occlusion as a case study to illustrate the novel aspects of this new hardware architecture. In a pair of articles from Intel, Nico Galoppo and Allen Hux describe a method for integrating anti-aliasing into the irregular shadow mapping algorithm as well as a software task system that allows highly programmable systems such as Larrabee to achieve maximum throughput on this type of technique. We conclude the section with Steven Tovey’s look at the SPU units on the PlayStation 3 and techniques for achieving maximum performance in the vehicle damage and light pre-pass rendering systems in the racing game Blurfrom Bizarre Creations.

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Game Programming Gems 8 Free Ebook Download

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Steve - Steve Jobs In His Own Words Ebook

Steve Jobs, Self Improvement, Personality Development, Motivational Ebook, Life Transformation, How To Get Everything From Life
Depicted from more than three decades of media reporting, electronic, and online, this testimonial serves up the most  beneficial, most thought-arousing insights ever talked by Steve Jobs. The book contains more than 200 quotations that are essential reading for everybody who looks for innovational solutions and inspirations relevant to their business concern, no matter of size.

Steve Jobs, who passed away on October 5, 2011 at the age of 56. He was the co-founder Apple in 1976. He stepped down from that role in August 2011, bringing an end to one of the biggest, most transformative business concern careers in chronicle. Over the years, Steve Jobs gave innumerable interviews to the media, explaining what he called "The vision thing”. His matchless power to foresee, and successfully contribute to the marketplace those consumer products or gadgets that every individual find simply resistless.

Steve Jobs made an unerasable mark in multiple industries, and played an tremendous character in creating others. Believe how Steve Jobs and Apple influenced the following areas such as:
  • personal computers - Laptop and Desktop
  • Apps for multiple electronic devices
  • Computer Animation - Pixar
  • Music - iTunes
  • Telecommunications - iPhone
  • Personal Digital Devices - iPod
  • Books - iBook
  • Tablets - iPad
Steve Jobs was the most outstanding business visionary of our era and "I Steve" is the everlasting gift or reference item for everybody.

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I Steve - Steve Jobs In His Own Words

Pride And Prejudice - Jane Austen Novels Collection Free Download

Timeless Wisdom - Robin Sharma Shine In The World

Megaliving - Robin Sharma Ebooks Download

Friday, August 24, 2012

Awaken The Giant Within - Anthony Robbins Ebook

Self Improvement, Secrets Of Life, Personality Development, Motivational Ebook, Life Transformation, Anthony Robbins
I first saw Tony Robbins on the Joan Rivers show back in 1993. I was very impressed by his charisma and energy, but like many others, felt that Tony Robbins was just a salesman trying to dupe the naive into buying his books and then all of the other products, seminars etc. At work, I ran into a friend who was radiant (unusual for her) and unusually bubbly she told me some of the changes in her life that were taking place and she had begun to read this book: "Awaken the Giant".  What really impressed me were the changes that started taking place in the days and weeks that followed. She started to lose weight, was participating more in meetings at work, and then got promoted. I was impressed. So I decided that this must work. I went out and bought Awaken the Giant and began to use the techniques such as "the swish pattern" and "scrambling technique". Awaken the Giant is a huge book, but I read it in one week. My job performance improved immediately as did my tennis game. I got immediate and dramatic results. This is not just a "feel good book" the techniques really work.

Download Ebook Awaken The Giant Within By Anthony Robbins
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