"Success is not measured by how well you are doing in life, but it is measured by how many people you are bringing along with you. So come with me and enjoy the journey of success."

Friday, September 28, 2012

You Were Born Rich Free PDF Download - Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor Free Ebooks, How To Get Everything From Life, Life Transformation, Motivational Ebook, Personality Development, Self Improvement,
This book teaches that every human being has been Born Rich it’s just that majority of individuals are temporarily a little short of money! This book has been written in an effort to bridge the opening amongst where you presently are and where you want to be. Step by step, chapter by chapter, it will help you assemble together the puzzle we most often mention to as LIFE, so you can build a picture of successfulness in your head, and then go on to produce that success in your life.

Surely, life is very much like the Rubic’s Cube as we have all the right pieces, and all the right colors, but it is a discouraging, never-ending procedure, trying to get them to fit together. Necessarily, it seems, there are invariably at least one or two pieces we have left out. As you travel through this book, you will shortly become very aware that the author is not assuring you anything you do not already know. He is just conveying the thoughts in a coordinated, consistent manner, which will change you to accomplish the outcomes you have wanted since you were first able to believe.

Every day, all over the world, millions of  Passionate Dreamers buy lottery tickets, wishing for someone to luckily pick their names, and drop a luck into their laps. These people never seem to realize that the real joy in life comes not from getting money handed to them in a Silver Plate, but from going out and really earning it themselves. Furthermore, if the truth were known to you, you would understand that you already have the power to accomplish those things which you currently only dream about. So allow this book demonstrate to be your ALLADIN's LAMP.

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You Were Born Rich Free Ebook Download
Type: PDF | Size: 2.87 MB | Pages: 245 |

Let Us C By Yashwant Kanetkar Free PDF Download

Yaswant Kanetkar, Software Programming, C Programming Ebook
About The Author
Yaswant Kanetkar, Software Programming, C Programming EbookYashavant is a innovator in IT Education in India. He is a true entrepreneur, he has individually set benchmarks for IT education and has played a major function in taking IT learning to every corner of India. He has composed various bestsellers over past 15 years and served millions of programmers all over Asia. Most recently, he has produced several interactive training titles for his organisation "KSET’s" by the name “Quest” Content Delivery Platform which have become a great success. In recognition of his huge contribution to IT department of education in India, he has been most recently presented the recognized "Alumnus Award" by IIT Kanpur and "Best .NET Technical Contributor" and "Most Valuable Professional" awards by Microsoft. His current passion is Internet Technologies, Device Drivers and Embedded Systems. Yashavant Kanetkar has done his B.E. from VJTI Mumbai and then later an M.Tech. degree from IIT Kanpur.

About The Book

This book contains the basic concepts of C Language such as "Variable & Datatypes", "Condition Testing", "Looping Constructs", "Arrays", "String Handling" etc. As we move further in the book it covers some advanced concepts such as "File Handling", "Dynamic Memory Allocation", "Linked Lists", "Graphics", "Hardware Programming". The best part of this book is the "Set Of Examples" given at the end of each chapter. These examples are unique and covers the minor and major parts of the chapter. The questions given as based on three categories starting from easy to hard to very hard. Overall it is a very good for beginners to advanced users.

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Let Us C Free Ebook Download
Type: PDF | Size: 6.87 MB | Pages: 728 |

Everything That Happens To Me Is Good By Geoff Thompson

Geoff Thompson Free Ebook, Life Transformation, Motivational Ebook, Personality Development, Secrets Of Life, Self Improvement,
Geoff Thompson is a great author he is a writer of many books and films over the past years. He has also written many articles for various newspapers, magazines and websites. In this book he has shared his knowledge about how to be successful in life. He says that if I am good then everything that happens to me is always good. By good he means that if I am nice with everybody, I make proper goals in my life, I am filled with gratitude, I care for my time and many more, then all good things happen in my life. 

Geoff Thompson defines these various points in a very well defined and justified manner. For each and every topic there is a separate chapter in this book. A perfect book to change your life and be successful. Awesome book must read once in a life time.

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Everything That Happens To Me Is Good Free Ebook Download
Type: PDF | Size: 1.03 MB | Pages: 160 |

Million Dollar Habits By Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy Ebooks Collection, How To Get Everything From Life, Motivational Ebook, Personality Development, Self Improvement,
There is a very good saying that is "Habit, is practice long pursued, that at last becomes the man himself." In this book Brian Tracy explains practical strategies and techniques that helps to achieve great success and happiness in life. He explains various "Success Secrets" practiced by those persons who are successful in life. He further adds that if we also practice those same methods as they did, we can be successful too.

Brian Tracy also asks a question that "Why are some people more successful than others?" This book is entirely focused on this topic. He has been giving lectures for many years on this topic and related to this and over the years he got complete answers to it. He has explained different habits to follow. He also says that everyone should make goals to achieve success faster. The techniques given in this book really works. This book is a guide the rest is up to you how we follow it.

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Million Dollar Habits Free Ebook Download
Type: PDF | Size: 684 KB | Pages: 315 |

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Goals - How To Get Everything You Want Faster By Brian Tracy

Goals - How To Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible, Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy Ebooks, Life Transformation, Motivational Ebook, Personality Development, Self Improvement, Time Management
14 Steps To Achieve Your Goals
Step 1: Decide exactly what you want in every key area of your life.

Step 2: Write down your goals.

Step 3: Set a deadline for your goals.

Step 4: Identify the obstacles that you will have to overcome to achieve your goal.

Step 5: Identify the knowledge, information and skills you will need to achieve your goal.

Step 6: Identify the people whose help and cooperation you will require to achieve your goal.

Step 7: Make a list of everything you will have to do to achieve your goal.

Step 8: Organize your list into a plan. You organize this list by arranging the steps that you have identified by sequence and priority.

Step 9: Make a plan. Organize your list into a series of steps from the beginning all the way through to the completion of your goal.

Step 10: Select your number one, most important task for each day.

Step 11: Develop the habit of self-discipline.

Step 12: Practice visualization on your goals.

Step 13: Goal-Setting Exercise.

Step 14: Decide upon your major definite purpose.

Resolve in advance that no matter what happens, you will never give up. Brian Tracy also says that Persistence is self-discipline in action. Each time you persist and overcome the inevitable failures and disappointments you will experience, you become stronger and better. You develop stronger and deeper character. You increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Your goal is to eventually become “Unstoppable.”

Decide exactly what you want, write it down, make a plan, and work on it every single day. If you do this over and over again until it becomes a habit, you will accomplish more in the next few weeks and months than many people accomplish in several years. Begin today.

Download Link
Goals How To Get Everything You Want Faster By Brian Tracy
Type: PDF | Size: 1 MB | Pages: 11 |

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Firewall For Dummies By Brian Komar And Ronald Beekelaar

Firewall For Dummies, Windows Free Ebook, Computer Software Solutions, Dummies Free Ebook
Part I: Introducing Firewall Basics
You have to start somewhere! The chapters in this part help you to identify the threats and risks to your network when it’s connected to the Internet and how firewalls help mitigate those risks. If you’ve read articles about the latest hacking attempts, you may wonder how those attacks work and why your network may be vulnerable. This part helps you to understand how those attacks take place and what measures you can take to protect your network from the attack.

In addition to looking at various attacks, this part also goes over the basics of the TCP/IP suite so that you can get a grasp on the rules implemented by today’s firewalls.

Part II: Establishing Rules
So, you’re sitting at your desk, minding your own business, and your boss walks in. The boss sees your copy of Firewalls For Dummies lying on your desk and says, “Can you help the network geek with the firewall?” This is the part for you! Part II helps you design firewall rules to protect networks and home offices.

Not only does this part show you how to configure firewall rules, it also describes the process of determining what protocols to allow in and out of your network. If you don’t have guidelines for securing your network, coming up with a configuration for your firewall is almost impossible!

Part III: Designing Network Configurations
Put on your helmets for a trip to the world of Demilitarized Zones (the com-puter kind, not the combat kind). Part III puts it all together by showing you common firewall configurations that are used to protect a network.
This part looks at firewall configurations that use one or more firewalls to protect both your private network and resources that you expose to the Internet.

Part IV: Deploying Solutions Using Firewall Products
After reading this book, you will know how to configure some of today’s  popular firewalls to protect your network. This part describes the steps required to secure Microsoft Windows and Linux desktops, gives you the dirt on common intrusion detection systems, and studies the configuration of two popular firewalls: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server and Check Point FireWall-1.

Part IV closes with a useful discussion on how to choose a firewall. Think of it as a buying a new car. When you buy a new car, you come up with a list of fea-tures that you want in your car, such as a CD player or power windows. This chapter covers the features that you may want to have in the firewall you select.

Part V: The Part of Tens
No For Dummies book would be complete without the Part of Tens. We include tips on security configuration, tools you may want to acquire, and Internet sites that can keep you up-to-date with security issues. In addition to the Part of Tens, the Appendix provides a comprehensive list-ing of IP Protocol numbers, ICMP type numbers, and a TCP/UDP port listing that you can use to aid your firewall configuration.

Who Moved My Cheese - Spencer Johnson

Who Moved My Cheese, Self Improvement, Secrets Of Life, Personality Development, Motivational Ebook, Life Transformation, Spencer Johnson
This book starts with describing the facts of life and says that life is not a straight line and every corridor along the way is not free, but it is a maze of passages through which one has to move along his journey. On his way through these passages you may get confused and lost on many occasions. But if we have faith in ourselves then god will open new doors for us, not the one we might have chosen, but the one that will ultimately be good for us, no matter how difficult it may seem at the beginning. Great book to read and share with everyone.

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Who Moved My Cheese Very Nice Ebook By Spencer Johnson Free Download

Thursday, September 6, 2012

ASP.Net Bible 2.0 PDF Download - Mridula Parihar

ASP.Net, Bible Series, Web Development, Visual Basic .Net, Programming, Software Programming, Mridula Parihar
This book is written by Mridula Parihar a great author for many IT books. The book is divided into 5 parts and these parts are as follows:
Part 1: ASP.Net Basics
Part 2: ASP.Net Database Programming
Part 3: ASP.Net Advanced
Part 4: Building Web Services In ASP.Net
Part 5: Building ASP.Net Web Applications

At the end of the book there is an overview of Visual Basic .Net and C Sharp. Use this Appendixes as reference for programming language, which is very helpful for beginners who wants to get started with ASP.Net.

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ASP.Net Bible 2.0 Free PDF Ebook Download

101 Really Important Things You Already Know

Time Management Free Ebook - Marc Mancini

Monday, September 3, 2012

Thinking Big - Brian Tracy Audio Book

Thinking Big By Brian Tracy, Self Improvement, Personality Development, Motivational Ebook, Self Improvement,  Brian Tracy Ebooks
Every victorious individual knows that the keys to accomplishment are conscious attempt, careful designing, and good, old-fashioned hard work.But I think that on the way of success, there is one habit or thing that will definitely speed up you beyond all others individuals. If you want to stay ahead of all others then start thinking big.

In this book "Thinking Big The Keys to Personal Power and Maximum Performance" written by the most famous and winner Brian Tracy. In this book Brian Tracy will carry you beyond the boundaries of daily thought, where you will tap into the huge imagination of your mind and open unlimited possibilities.

Brian Tracy explains that by thinking big, you will turn so positive, influenced, and persistent, that you can accomplish any destination and nothing or no one will be able to slow you down or change your flow.

In this book you will discover the following things:
  • Distinguish the 7 vital success elements and how they are responsible for your personal and professional success.
  • Formulate the mind power of a mastermind.
  • Market yourself in the competitive workplace.
  • Tackle the incredible abilities and powers of the supercontinent mind to execute at higher levels.
  • Use the various forms of intelligence for maximizing your extraordinary creative abilities.
  • Apply 2 mighty methods to open your mindpower and program yourself to be a winner and achieve success.
  • Distinguish your unique powers and natural talents and apply them to make destiny.
  • Realize and use the mighty Laws of Indirect attempt, seeding and harvesting, agreement, and subconscious mind activity.
  • Plan yourself with the 4 Mental Laws of Success.
  • Implement a 7-step action plan to help you figure out troubles and make best decisions in life.
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Thinking Big Audio Book By Brian Tracy Download Now

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