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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Goals - How To Get Everything You Want Faster By Brian Tracy

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14 Steps To Achieve Your Goals
Step 1: Decide exactly what you want in every key area of your life.

Step 2: Write down your goals.

Step 3: Set a deadline for your goals.

Step 4: Identify the obstacles that you will have to overcome to achieve your goal.

Step 5: Identify the knowledge, information and skills you will need to achieve your goal.

Step 6: Identify the people whose help and cooperation you will require to achieve your goal.

Step 7: Make a list of everything you will have to do to achieve your goal.

Step 8: Organize your list into a plan. You organize this list by arranging the steps that you have identified by sequence and priority.

Step 9: Make a plan. Organize your list into a series of steps from the beginning all the way through to the completion of your goal.

Step 10: Select your number one, most important task for each day.

Step 11: Develop the habit of self-discipline.

Step 12: Practice visualization on your goals.

Step 13: Goal-Setting Exercise.

Step 14: Decide upon your major definite purpose.

Resolve in advance that no matter what happens, you will never give up. Brian Tracy also says that Persistence is self-discipline in action. Each time you persist and overcome the inevitable failures and disappointments you will experience, you become stronger and better. You develop stronger and deeper character. You increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Your goal is to eventually become “Unstoppable.”

Decide exactly what you want, write it down, make a plan, and work on it every single day. If you do this over and over again until it becomes a habit, you will accomplish more in the next few weeks and months than many people accomplish in several years. Begin today.

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