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Monday, September 3, 2012

Thinking Big - Brian Tracy Audio Book

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Every victorious individual knows that the keys to accomplishment are conscious attempt, careful designing, and good, old-fashioned hard work.But I think that on the way of success, there is one habit or thing that will definitely speed up you beyond all others individuals. If you want to stay ahead of all others then start thinking big.

In this book "Thinking Big The Keys to Personal Power and Maximum Performance" written by the most famous and winner Brian Tracy. In this book Brian Tracy will carry you beyond the boundaries of daily thought, where you will tap into the huge imagination of your mind and open unlimited possibilities.

Brian Tracy explains that by thinking big, you will turn so positive, influenced, and persistent, that you can accomplish any destination and nothing or no one will be able to slow you down or change your flow.

In this book you will discover the following things:
  • Distinguish the 7 vital success elements and how they are responsible for your personal and professional success.
  • Formulate the mind power of a mastermind.
  • Market yourself in the competitive workplace.
  • Tackle the incredible abilities and powers of the supercontinent mind to execute at higher levels.
  • Use the various forms of intelligence for maximizing your extraordinary creative abilities.
  • Apply 2 mighty methods to open your mindpower and program yourself to be a winner and achieve success.
  • Distinguish your unique powers and natural talents and apply them to make destiny.
  • Realize and use the mighty Laws of Indirect attempt, seeding and harvesting, agreement, and subconscious mind activity.
  • Plan yourself with the 4 Mental Laws of Success.
  • Implement a 7-step action plan to help you figure out troubles and make best decisions in life.
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