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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Magic Of Thinking Big By David J. Schwartz

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The magic of thinking big self help book is written by David J. Schwartz. This book was first published in 1959. Till now over more than 6 million copies have been sold. In this book the author tells us that we should think positive and to achieve success in life we should set goals, because a dream without a goal is just a wish. The best part is that we should set big goals that is we should think big.

The author also talks about self esteem. He explains us how to build self esteem. Most people in our lives self depriciates ourselves and appreciates the other person, so avoid this kind of behaviour. The book has many proven techniques that works for any individual and mind it this works only if it is followed in a right way and with persistence and dedication. This book is a guide the rest is up to you. If interested you can also download the magic of thinking big audiobook also.

The Complete Summary Of the Book and How To Keep Yourself positive

Friends, today I am sharing a very interesting and important thing with you. A small thing that has helped me improve my thinking process and make positive.
I sincerely hope that this will be equally beneficial for you. I am also saying that because it is very easy to understand. And it is also easy to apply practically.
It is January 2010 that I was in Gorakhpur then. Since I'm interested in reading new books, I was searching for a similar book in a shop, then I saw the book "The Magic of Thinking Big" written by David J. Schwartz. Afterwards I understood that there is a doubt in it and I bought that book.
In any case, I read many beneficial things in it but one thing hit my mind and today I am telling you about it.
Our brain is a factory that produces ideas. There is no reason to think about it at all times. And we have two great obedient servants to carry out this work and at the same time, they are also master in their work. If you ever test them, it will be successful in that. Let's introduce them-

  • The name of the first servant is- Mr. Triumph or Mr. Victory
  • The name of another servant is- Mr. Defeat or Mr. Defeat
The work of Mr. victory is to create positive thoughts according to your order. And the job of Mr. defeat is to create negative thoughts according to your order. And these servants are so clever that they understand your gesture immediately and without any reason the villagers start their work.
  • Mr. Victory is specialized in telling you why you can do things, why can you succeed?
  • Mr. Defeat is specialized in telling you why you can not do things? Why can you fail?
When you think of why my life is so good then Mr. Victory has to prove this fact, and it starts producing positive vibes in your mind, which comes out of your life's experiences so far. Such as-

I have such a nice family.
There are so many good people I want.
I am well settled, financially capable enough to be happy.
I can do what I want to do.
On the contrary when you think that my life is not good, then immediately Mr. Defeat seems to produce negative thoughts in your mind to prove this fact. Such as-

I have not achieved anything in my life yet
My job is not according to my power
It's always bad with me.
Both of these servants support their point of life. Now it is up to you that you want to take the services of this one. So remember that the more you work from them, the stronger it will become, and one day they will occupy this factory, and gradually the second servant will be totally undermined.Now you have to decide which of whom do you Want to capture - Mr. Vijay's defeat or Mr.?
If life is to improve, then as much as possible, the work of thinking is done. Give Vijay to I.e. positive self talk Otherwise, by itself Mr. Defeat will collect their rights.
I have used the simple but effective technique many times. I always keep an eye on my thoughts and as soon as the output of negative thoughts begins to rise I am immediately I put Vijay on the job, that is, I speak some of the statements myself that make chain of positive thoughts and I come back to the track.
For example: When I feel stress is coming in my personal relationships, then I myself say that God gave me so much love people. And just congratulate Mr. Mistry for further work. Those related to personal relationships begin to count my pleasant experiences before me and in a while my mood becomes absolutely right. And when the mood gets correct then it seems to reflect in my actions too. Again, the front can not remain angry even for a long time and soon all squeezes out and then everything seems good.
This is a very practical way of keeping the Thoughts positive. Whenever you feel that negativity is dominating over you, then immediately contrary to that idea, take into consideration yourself. As if you have an idea in your mind that you are not capable, then immediately the opposite question. Do it with victory, "Mr. Tell me, why am I worth? "And you will find that your servants will keep in front of you the experiences in which you have done something good, for example, you have ever won a prize, helped someone, there is an art in which you Better than
Just keep in mind that the questions you are asking yourself are positive and not negative.
You also try it, try it. Keep an eye on your thoughts, and when you feel that Mr. Defeat is becoming more active then quickly talk about some positive self and put Mr. Vijay on the job.
Thanks I hope it works for you

Happy Reading 

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